Nicolas Cage Art Show Coming to Los Angeles

nicolas cage art show Nicolas Cage, good or bad? An art show headed to Los Angeles may just shed some light on the eternal Unsolvable Question.

The show will be featuring work from a local and international lineup of artists, depicting the “various incarnations of one of history’s most magical actors and public figures.” As stated on the website, “Nicolas Cage is an enigma, of misunderstood sex appeal, raw, unfiltered power and his chameleon like mystique to portray himself as Nicolas Cage as any character.” What?!”

Yes, this is real, and yes, this is really happening. The show ran in San Francisco this past April and will be coming down to LA on Saturday, July 19th. Tickets cost $15, and while I generally won’t condone any art show that costs money, I will cast my principles aside for the opportunity to bask in Nic Cage’s glory.

If you just can’t wait for the show, or if you’re not in the Los Angeles area, sate yourself with a photo of Nicolas Cage wearing a Nicolas Cage shirt (a work of art in itself) and take a peek at some pieces from the San Francisco show below.






(Art via io9)

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