Three New Stills Tease ‘Jurassic World’


Who is this and what has he done with Andy Dwyer? Gone is the lovable bumbling Parks and Recreation Mouserat frontman – or whatever he’s calling his band these days – and in his place is  this smoldering stranger who looks like he’s stepped right out of a men’s lifestyle magazine. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Chris Pratt has officially migrated into Total Hunk Territory, motorcycle and all. Dare I say that Ron Swanson would be proud? This is fairly old news, of course, as Pratt has already displayed his impressive new physique ahead of this summer’s highly anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy.

Check out two more images from Jurassic World below.

jurassic-world3No glimpse of the dinos quite yet, but the stills also give us a look at a very stylish Bryce Dallas Howard and two of the film’s younger stars, Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins. You may recognize the latter as Tony Stark’s pint-sized sidekick from Iron Man 3, so here’s to hoping his time with a superhero has adequately prepared him to face off against man-eating dinosaurs. Although, after three films rife with child endangerment, you would think they’d learned by now that kids and dinosaurs are not a good combination.

With all of today’s advancements in CGI technology, I admit that I have fairly high expectations as to how cool the dinosaurs in Jurassic World will be. Surely, they can’t be worse than those stampeding brontosauri from 2005’s King Kong. But the more pressing matter is: can Chris Pratt beat a reclining Jeff Goldblum’s Total Hunk scene from the first Jurassic Park film? Only time will tell…

supersexygoldblumThere’s still quite a long time between now and the the release of Jurassic World, so while you’re waiting, why not pass the time with this Jeff Goldblum laugh remix?

(Photos via Jurassic World)

Goldblum from essentialhommemag


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