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What we wear identifies us even more than what we read or watch. When you’re out and notice a total stranger wearing a Batman t-shirt, it’s like finding a kindred spirit amongst the anonymous masses. And for niche communities like comic book and sci-fi fans, those t-shirts become proof of membership. “Hey, you like that thing? I like that thing, too!”

In that spirit, Kabooooom has partnered with Tee Public to offer t-shirts with the Kabooooom stamp of approval! These are the designs and artists we enjoy and want to share with you. And not only will you purchases be benefiting the artists, but a portion of these sales will help us keep the lights on here at Kabooooom, too.

Each month we’re picking a new theme and for January – that time of year when you can never quite remember which year it is – we’re choosing Time Travel. Check out a few of the designs we’re featuring in our shop below, and head on over to Kabooooom Approved Apparel to buy yours today!

Design by ddjvigo
Time Travelers by ddjvigo
Design by carloj1956
Delorean Time Machine by carloj1956
Design by TomTrager
I Want to Believe by TomTrager

Purchase these t-shirts and more at Kabooooom Approved Apparel!


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