ADAM.3 #1 [Review]

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Writer Scott Kolins creates a massive new world to explore in Adam.3 #1. The story is very simple, following Adam, his pregnant wife Skye, and Adam’s animal companions who are gifted with the ability to speak and communicate. They are all being watched as they go about life by satellites high above this new world, a world ripped from The Bible, a real Garden of Eden.

Adam.3 is at first glance a mix of comic genres, at times a fantasy and at other times a science fiction adventure. In this first issue, Kolins is primarily tasked with introducing the main players and the setting as well as hinting at a greater story to come. The main story only insinuates that a massive calamity is headed towards Adam’s world as he is plagued with visions of bloody carnage.

The artwork which is also from Kolins is the high point of the comic book; it is deep, colorful and draws the eye inwards to what is going on in the frames of the story. The artwork is what keeps Adam.3 from devolving into a mundane sword and sorcery style narrative.

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Adam.3‘s weakness, however, is in the writing. Kolins does do a good job of introducing us to the characters and shows a decent swath of the wide-open world yet to be explored, but the story is hurts by its pacing. Adam.3 #1 moves slowly and fails to draw readers into its compelling narrative. So, as the end of the first issue approaches there is nothing to grab our attention and bring us back for another issue. Had there been a few more hints at the sci-fi side of the story, Adam.3‘s the pacing would flow better. Also, instead of having Adam’s apocalyptic visions come mid-story, these could have occurred during the final frames, allowing for a more cohesive narrative.

All that being said, Adam.3 #1 does have excellent artwork and a very interesting concept. Readers will be intrigued by the world of Adam.3 and that sandbox may be enough to draw them back for Adam’s continuing adventures.

Rating 3

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