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The Amazing Spider-Man #1 swings into comic shops this week to launch the all-new Spidey and introduce us to a post-Secret Wars world. This issue is huge and for good reason – there is a lot to cover.

Parker Industries has developed a device called Webware, a worldwide internet device strapped to your wrist like a watch. Peter has taken his company and expanded it across the globe, becoming a worldwide success. After a quick commercial introduction to the product, readers are thrown into a car chase – yes, a car chase in a Spider-Man book. All those times you saw Spider-Man toys that featured him on a motorcycle or in a car and thought to yourself, “He doesn’t need to use a vehicle, he’s the web-slinger!” you were dead wrong. The Spider-Mobile is awesome and immediately welcomed as a new feature to this slick, new Spidey.

Spider-Man and Mockingbird are in pursuit of members of Zodiac who have stolen some secure servers from Parker Industries. Nick Fury calls in to check the status of the operation and we’re quickly introduced to Spider-Man’s new attitude. He stands up to Fury and calls the shots, choosing to return the servers back to Parker Industries instead of turning them over Fury; it’s all very unlike the shy Peter we’re all so used to. Showcasing the wall crawling ability of the new ride and Spidey’s awesome new suit, the chase comes to an end with Peter flexing his genius muscle.

Readers will get an exciting and familiar feeling as they jump into this new world of Spider-Man – the feeling we all felt when Superior Spider-Man started. This is something new and it’s good for the character, it’s a fresh take being handled properly.

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From there the story moves to Peter’s press conference in where he shows he is “the poor man’s Tony Stark,” trying to help better the world. Emphasis on “poor” as he chooses to make middle management salary. Every time writer Dan Slott introduces some new element of Peter, he also hints at some longtime a Parker trait. It makes for an easy transition into the new era of Spider-Man and all the new changes feel natural.

Peter’s supporting cast is comprised of mostly new characters, with a healthy portion of familiar faces. This includes, The Prowler, who helps him keep the illusion going that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are different people. Right out of the gate, Slott includes some smile-inducing surprises and heart-string tugging moments for the Spider-Man faithful. Readers will already be a bit emotional with the start of a promising new series, but they’ll be pushed even further by the events in the story. Slott proves his loyalty to the character: no matter what fancy new changes happen, Peter’s heart will always be in the right place.

Slott does a great job keeping the character and his morality intact while adding so many new layers of responsibility. We’re seeing a Spider-Man that we have not yet seen, not so unlike when Doc Ock was in control. When Peter came back into control of his body, the story was a bit dull. Outside of Spider-Verse, it was as if Slott was kicking tires and had no real direction. This book will make fans forgive that lackluster return of our favorite web-slinger and embrace this new world with open arms.

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The new suit design is a classic and will likely become a fan favorite going forward (just as the Superior Spider-Man suit was). Giuseppe Camuncoli and the entire art team help round out this new take on Spider-Man with dazzling flare. There is a great respect for lighting and color that isn’t always seen in Spider-books.

The end of Amazing Spider-Man #1 features a cliffhanger that will make readers grin with lunacy. After the issue concludes, there are a handful of shorts that show how all the “Spider-Family” fits into everything. Reminiscent of the Bat-Family going global with Batman Inc., these new adventures will be leaving no one in the family out.

This book is fantastic. Slott clearly has his heart set on being remembered as one of the most innovative Spider-Man writers of all time. Whether or not he had this planned all along, or was just lost for a bit before coming up with this concept; one thing is for sure, this new Spider-Man really is Amazing.

Rating 5

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