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The All-New, All Different Avengers is a mouthful of a title. There really wasn’t a more creative option? Although accurate, the name of the book is terrible and uninspired, but it won’t be enough to keep readers away from diving in. As Marvel turns towards its new era of diverse heroes, this series should serve as the appetizer sampler of the characters at the forefront of this universe-wide relaunch.

At the start of issue #2 these Avengers are still not fully assembled, the aftermath of Chitauri villain Warbringer’s attack from #1 has our heroes a bit battered. Miles, Vision, Cap, and Stark are licking their wounds within the not-Avengers tower, being pestered by the building’s current owner and figuring out who exactly they are up against. And there’s a nice little moment where Stark vouches for Miles as Spider-Man.

In comes Nova, the teen human rocket, who in his last meeting with Warbringer threw him into the sun. Apparently that wasn’t enough and he tracks him down in Ms. Marvel’s territory and the two confront the Chitauran juggernaut at a museum where he’s found collecting an alien artifact. The relationship and exchanges between these two are a lot of fun, and it becomes clear Ms. Marvel is not Nova’s biggest fan. They chase off Warbringer and before they begin their pursuit, the rest of the team shows up.

The Avengers always make a grand entrance, and this time we see Miles riding in on Iron Man’s back like a skateboard. Currently without his own book, moments like these will keep Ultimate Spider-Man fans happy as he adjusts to his new surroundings. Miles interacting with 616 Avengers on a regular basis itself is a promise to fans that these books should be worth reading.

In All New, All Different Avengers #2, the assembling of this team feels similar to the opening of The Mighty Ducks 2 when the kids are gathered one by one en route to their collective destination; which is a bit lazy but still fun to see. Some of the best interactions in previous New Avengers books were how and why the heroes were recruited – there isn’t as much care here for that. That doesn’t mean this team won’t be as fun when finally fully-formed and rolling, but only time will tell. On paper this handful of heroes are a fun, new, and exciting group, and hopefully Waid and company can continue to deliver.

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The art in this book is colorful and pops when it needs to, but it does have flaws. It lacks consistency, some panels are fully formed ideas executed gorgeously, while others seem rushed and unfinished. What is consistent throughout is the use of light, which can easily make or break a comic’s art, and Kubert and Oback do a fine job. Ms. Marvel’s powers make her a visual spectacle, it looks as if the art team had a ton of fun with her.

Overall the book is average, there isn’t as much care for the “why” and more of a focus on the “who”, but there’s definitely room to improve. Regardless, it’ll be worth keeping up with All New, All Different Avengers because there is a lot of promise. This collection of characters is a fresh new group ready to take on Earth’s mightiest challenges. There is enough to keep readers interested for now, and how long that lasts is up to the creative team. Hopefully, Marvel has more story around the corner once the meet and greet is over.

Rating 3

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