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Black Bolt is not an example of the best father, giving his son, Ahura over to the time-travelling, madman Kang “The Conqueror.” He’s only recently confessed this sin of his to Medusa, who after their separation became the sole-sovereign of the Inhumans. With the help of Beast and a handful of Inhumans, they team up to find their son, wherever he may be in time.

However, what they discover is that Kang is no longer, and only a warped Ahura remains. Ahura has adopted the mantle of the time conqueror and is awaiting his parents arrival so he may exact his revenge on them; and seemingly all Inhumans throughout time.

Medusa’s new love interest, Johnny Storm, has also been sharing some uncomfortable personal space with her husband, Black Bolt. Johnny knows Blackagar could destroy him with a single spoken word, but he respects his wife and knows he has no say in her life any longer. The exchanges between these two have been interesting in the three issues of Uncanny Inhumans so far, offering a fresh relationship dynamic that isn’t so easy to come by in comic books.

A battle ensues between Ahura and his parents’ forces and his power is now completely realized, having been 190 years since he was given to Kang. He populates his own kingdom with these projections of his soul, his own Inhuman army. During the fight, Ahura uses one of his projections to take over the body of Johnny and turn him on his fellow compatriots. Here readers will enjoy one of the most rare displays of a famous character’s power – Black Bolt speaking.

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It’s always an event when Blackagar decides to speak, it’s always got to be worth it, making for a lot of great moments in Marvel Inhuman history. The display of vocal chords in this issue are justified, maybe not as iconic as in other stories, but effective and necessary. More than once Black Bolt needs to use his voice to silence his son before something much worse happens, the second being even more epic than the first.

This story arc has been a lot of fun. The Inhuman books from Secret Wars were lackluster, but Uncanny Inhumans is a refreshing return to a story that feels more like home. Charles Soule does great work putting these characters in an environment that actually feels threatening and not generic. Readers won’t be find much predictability as they turn the pages of issue #3.

One would assume that the outcome of this arc will play a huge part in the future of Black Bolt and Medusa’s relationship. At this point, readers might find themselves struggling to decide on whose actions they agree with between the two monarchs, which is a healthy sign of great writing.

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Steve McNiven brings a familiar style to the artwork; newer character designs breath new life into the look of the heroes while also erasing the foul taste left by the Attilan Rising issues. Deep and rich colors do wonders to a desolate dessert setting, making for a much more pleasing view for readers. Altogether, the art pays homage to the Inhumans series by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, which is probably the best representation of the characters ever created.

Uncanny Inhumans #3 is a glorious shake-up of the Terrigen fueled monarchs, an explosive and colorful read. These are new paths these characters are on, the threats come across heavy, and the art adds necessary depth. This story will most likely play a huge part in what will happen in the world of Inhumans for years to come, and none of us can predict what’s around the corner.

Rating 5


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