DAREDEVIL #9 [Review]

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Charles Soule has been doing the Lord’s work with his writing on this Daredevil series; it’s been criminally underrated. Readers who aren’t totally into the happenings of Civil War II should look to these comics about the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen for solace.

It’s well documented how deeply I love this series. In my review of the last issue, I went as far as to say that Daredevil #8 is my new all-time favorite horn-head issue – a bold statement I continue to stand by. In that issue, readers were taken on an international adventure that eventually led to a meeting with Spider-Man – does Charles Soule’s DD streak continue with Daredevil #9?

Immediately picking up with Daredevil and Spider-Man on the roof of the high roller hotel suite in Macau, Daredevil #9 wastes no time getting the two of them into their “Super-Bros” roles, embarking on an adventurous heist to steal a briefcase from the Triads. Spidey allows Daredevil to leave him in the dark about the details of his plan, but only because he is one of the web head’s “most trusted colleagues in the super-hero biz.

The two of them chase the briefcase from Macau to Hong Kong (in amazing fashion), beating up Chinese gangsters along the way. Spider-Man finally gets the briefcase while Daredevil beats the snot out of a room full of Triads, but then refuses to give the prize up until DD reveals his plan. (Spidey also can’t shake the fuzzy memory he has of their history.) After a chase and some talk about heroes going through their black costume phases, Daredevil fesses up his plan and also reveals (not specifically) that Spider-Man’s memories are fuzzy because a piece of them is missing – that piece being Daredevil’s secret identity. Trust restored, web-head gives Daredevil his briefcase and the two go their separate ways.

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Daredevil #8 made Charles Soule one of my top five favorite, current comic book writers, and issue #9 may have solidified him as top dog. This issue was the perfect compliment to the immaculate issue which preceded it, Daredevil #9 is another absolute home-run for Charlie Soule. There wasn’t a force in the world that could have wiped the smile off my face as I read my two favorite Marvel heroes be the absolute bros  they are. Every interaction between the two of them made my heart happy, each so carefully crafted to illustrate how these two heroes from New York really are the best of buds.

The sequence surrounding their means of travel from Macau to Hong Kong will forever be one of my reasons why I love comic books. It’s remarkably obvious that Soule gets what makes Daredevil one of the best characters in Marvel’s history, and in each issue, he flexes every muscle the hero has to offer and from every possible angle. Daredevil #9 was especially fun as readers get to see just how deeply Charles Soule apparently cares for Spider-Man as well, and their dynamic will make you want to awkwardly call your best friend right away just to tell them they are amazing.

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Though Daredevil has had a revolving door of artists, they’ve all been consistently phenomenal. Sudzuka and Milla continue to bring their A-game and deepen Soule’s illustration of Daredevil with their own perfectly balanced rendition. The “pop-art” approach is working on so many levels and they use it sparingly, so as not to overload readers on one style. Their take on the current Spider-Man costume was more of a classic look, which was welcomed as this story feels like a classic team-up between two best super-buds. Spider-Man and Daredevil’s movement during the action panels highlighted how similarly they move, yet still, they end a fight in completely different ways due to their powers. Moreover, all the environments and enemies in this issue are a combination of something out of James Bond or Johnny Quest in both design and color, which is brilliant

After giving Daredevil #8 a perfect score, I swore to use that as the template to which I rate comic books, with that issue being almost impossible to match. What I didn’t count on was Charles Soule not only following that issue with another heartfelt hit but that it would also be plucking all different heart strings. If you aren’t reading Daredevil right now, you are missing out on some seriously fantastic storytelling.

Rating 5

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