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Power Man & Iron Fist has been flying under the radar for six issues; it’s been one of Marvel’s quiet hits. Whether or not you’re on board with Marvel’s bi-monthly relaunch schedule, this book has been one of the best surprises of Marvel NOW! A hilarious re-imagining of Danny Rand paired with a reluctant Luke Cage, they provide readers with plenty of crazy fun and almost completely on their own.

As Civil War II (love it or hate it) makes its mark on all Marvel titles at some point, with this issue it’s finally wedged its way into Power Man & Iron Fist. In the original Civil War arc, both Danny Rand and Luke Cage had some pretty memorable moments. Luke had some of the biggest emotional moments which really layered on the gravity of what was happening with him being torn from his family to go underground and support Captain America. Danny, too, had a great moment when he posed as Daredevil while Matt Murdock was in witness protection.

This time around the Heroes For Hire have been vocal about their desire to keep out of the heroes versus heroes action. Last issue they were approached about choosing a side and they declined, stating they didn’t want to fight their friends again. This is good news for fans who’ve been following the reunion of the Heroes For Hire as this book has been brilliant and stands on its own, away from the big universe dramatics.

However, despite their views on the whole situation, Power Man and Iron Fist find themselves forced to act against a group of vigilantes who share Carol Danver’s view on pre-crime (Minority Report?). Danny finds himself in jail, where he’s compelled to get all the wrongfully accused their due justice.

Outside, Luke and Jessica Jones try to find out who is staking out their apartment. It ends up being the bounty hunter vigilantes from last issue looking for the million dollar piece of tech they dropped during their encounter with Cage. Power Man & Iron Fist #7 wraps with Luke devising a plan to rescue his partner – which Ulysses reports to Captain Marvel as a prison break, setting up a big brawl in the next issue that will likely force the Heroes For Hire into the Civil War II drama.

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A lot of the tie-in books bearing the Civil War II banner have either been a waste of time or not really all that tied into the bigger picture. Power Man & Iron Fist, for the most part, functions as if it has nothing to do with CWII other than a chat about why they don’t want to participate. This little story about how they fit into the universe-wide mess is another chapter of fun that fans of the series have come to expect. Both Danny and Luke are both written as clear as crystal, with their motives and actions completely on point for both characters.

All the supporting characters featured in this series are colorful, creative, and mostly hilarious. David Walker proves in every issue that this incarnation of the Heroes For Hire is a version we’ve always deserved, and it’s one of the best books Marvel has to offer. Even as things take a darker turn with CWII happening, the love these two character share for one another despite how dysfunctional they are is something I can’t get enough of.

Style is a word that comes to mind a lot while reading these comics, and not just in Walker’s writing but in the artwork as well. In this issue, Green and Flaviano keep things simple yet beautiful, going hand-in-hand with what makes these stories so wonderful. There are no flashy theatrics or epic splash pages, just really well-done panel work that tells the story with such a spirited flow. It’s the little things that we find along the way that really makes us smile while reading this series, mirroring the lead characters themselves.

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I initially worried about forcing this title into the Civil War, but I guess if they weren’t involved I would also wonder why. It turns out I really had nothing to worry about because this series is in the hands of the geniuses who have been feeding us the best Power Man & Iron Fist book we could have asked for. I was pleasantly surprised as to how well, albeit little, they fit into the bigger universe picture in such a street-level comic book. That last page setting up next issue has got me really excited to see how this all pans out and whether Danny or Luke decide to get more involved by choosing a side.

Still, though Walker does a brilliant job fitting them in without over doing it, I still prefer them to be on their own. While Power Man & Iron Fist #7 was still as good as the six preview issues, the forced inclusion into CWII knocks it down a tiny bit from what was going on before and what will hopefully continue after. Regardless, this is one of the best comic books on the shelves each month and everybody should be reading it.

Rating 4

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