THE LAST SHIP Season 3, Episodes 10 & 11 [Review]

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THE LAST SHIP Season 3, Episodes 10 & 11, “Scuttle” & “Legacy”/ Directed by MAIRZEE ALMAS & PAUL HOLAHAN/ Written by IRA PARKER & HIRAM MARTINEZ/ Created by HANK STEINBERG & STEVE KANE/ Based on The Last Ship by WILLIAM BRINKLEY/ Starring ERIC DANE, ADAM BALDWIN & BRIDGET REGAN/Produced by TNT

[WARNING – This review contains SPOILERS.]

The action heats up and chilling secrets are revealed as The Last Ship begins its voyage to the final two episodes of its junior season.

In Episode 10, Scuttle,  President Oliver (John Cothran) is being held hostage by the regional leaders and their spokeswoman, Allison Shaw (Elisabeth Rohm). While Kara (Marissa Neitling) is on the run, President Oliver orders the arrest of Captain Chandler (Eric Dane) on orders from the regional leaders.

Scuttle is an interesting episode as it shows how Chandler has to use his wits rather than brute force to get out of a difficult situation. Many have accused The Last Ship of being nothing but mindless action but this episode does a good job of defending itself against such charges. The teamwork and trickery involved with Chandler escaping and retaking the ship was rather fun.

The 11th episode, Legacy, was a bit of a wrap up episode for the season so far. It brings to a close the story-line involving China and the villainous President Peng (Fernando Chien). The episode involves Chandler racing to stop Peng from destroying the Japanese archives.

The episode shows just much of a villain Peng is, as it showcases him burning ancient Japanese artifacts. He even states later on that he wishes to erase Japan – and their culture – from the world. What is interesting is that while most fans expected Chandler and Peng to have an exciting showdown, it is Takehaya (Hiroyuki Sanada) who faces off against Peng in the final battle. Overall, the conclusion of the Chandler/Peng storyline was well filmed and satisfying. Having Takehaya take his revenge for his people was compelling and was a full circle ending for the character.


Things begin to heat up back in St. Louis, after Kara recruits Tex (John Pyper-Ferguson) to help her rescue The President. They go back to St. Louis right as President Oliver is going to make an announcement that he is dissolving the United States of America. After an exciting gun fight, Kara and Tex rescue President Oliver and leave the city. It is then that the regional leaders and their spokeswoman announce that President Oliver and Chandler are terrorists and that the nation will be dissolved and split into four nations run by the regional leaders. The episode ends with all the military leaders loyal to Chandler being murdered and Chandler heading home, determined to save his nation.

Overall these were good episodes and they did a good job setting the stage for the season finale. The best part was the return of Tex, whose character has been sorely missed this season. Hopefully the writers will bring him back full time in Season 4.

Rating 4

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