All-Star Batman #5 Cover

With every issue he writes, Scott Snyder builds upon his stellar reputation as the preeminent Batman writer of our generation. Teamed with the equally legendary John Romita Jr, All-Star Batman continues to be the best Bat-book on the market. And that’s saying something because everything Batman-related published by DC Comics right now is fantastic.

This fifth installment of All-Star Batman continues to elevate the reputation of both its creators. The insane journey that Batman and Two-Face have taken over the past four issues comes to an end as they reach their destination. Harvey/Two-Face force Bats into a tricky situation while The GCPD forces their way into what they think is the Batcave.

The combination of relief as we reach the end of the tale and the tension of what lies in the safe-house results in a satisfying Batman experience. Snyder has built a unique and puzzling bond between our hero and one of his most famous villains, showing that Bruce truly will never give up on Harvey. The relationship between Duke and Batman has grown as well, with the younger man seeing first-hand what makes Batman a true hero. Snyder also manages to squeeze in another wonderful moment between Alfred and Bruce.

All-Star Batman #5 Page 2The twists and turns of this story provide everything readers should need from an All-Star Batman comic book. The most successful tool in Snyder’s arsenal this time around is his tour through Batman’s rogues gallery, with the cameo by Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum’s proving particularly perfect. The little bits of humor from Bruce are brief and refreshing, as they were in Snyder’s New 52 run. There should be no divide among fans – this is the Batman we all deserve.

All-Star Batman #5 Page 2

John Romita Jr. has also been delivering a solid and memorable performance through the past five issues. The scruffy and abused man occupying the Bat suit is glorious and anyone who doesn’t like the current costume clearly hasn’t seen Romita draw it. The action scenes are grand in scale and beautifully detailed. With the action heading back to Gotham, hopefully we’ll get to see Romita draw some more vehicles and gadgets in the future.

All-Star Batman #5 stays on course. Both the story and the art continue to make this a must-read for all Bat-fans. Scott Snyder clearly cares about this cast of characters and the legacy they leave behind. Hopefully he’ll be working with Batman for a long time to come.

Rating 4

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