All-Ages Comic JUPITER JET Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Not long ago, Kabooooom chatted with the hosts of Geek History LessonAshley Victoria Robinson (Collider Video) and Jason Inman (DC All-Access) – about their podcast and comic books. Now the power couple are launching a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their next project – Jupiter Jet, an all-ages comic that will publish through Action Lab Comics once their campaign reaches its goal.

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Jupiter Jet stars a 16-year-old girl with a jet pack that’s powered by a mysterious fuel source which she uses to protect the citizens of her neighborhood. The five issue miniseries follows the origin story of the eponymous superhero as she must find a way to balance her Robin Hood-esque activities, support the family repair shop, and keep her secret identity, Jacky Johnson, out of the hands of the mobsters who are always on her trail (not to mention the mysterious man controlling them all).

Other characters include Jacky’s genius little brother Chuck, who can build and repair anything, including her jet pack; Pluto, the mysterious man determined to take down ‘the flying girl’; and Uncle Gabriel, who is concerned about Jacky and Chuck in the wake of their father’s death. The series is a mix of science fiction and period adventure, and is perfect for readers of all ages who have ever wanted to take on the bad guy and fly above the clouds!

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I had the name Jupiter Jet swirling around in my head forever and ever with the image of a girl flying around and fighting crime,” says Robinson. “To see that name grow and become Jacky soaring through the skies has been such a wonderful experience.”

Jupiter Jet came to life in 2015 over dinner when Robinson shared her idea (“All I have is a name!“) with Inman. He was then immediately off to the races, creating characters and relationships out of thin air. And now, they have a comic book.

The name Jupiter Jet inspired an entire world to spring to life in my head, including the twist of the series that I don’t think anyone will see coming,” says Inman. “It was the combining of worlds that made me so excited for this to be my first comic book mini-series.”

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Jupiter Jet is written by Inman and Robinson, drawn by Ben Matsuya, colored by Mara Jayne, with letters from Taylor Esposito. Robinson, Inman, and Esposito have previously collaborated on “Swan Story”, found in DC Comics and IDW Publishing’s Love is Love anthology.

The campaign launched on Wednesday, January 18th and will continue for 30 days. There are various rewards for participating in the funding, including exclusive prints from Nightwing writer Tim Seeley, Wonder Woman artist Nicola Scott, script reviews from Uncanny X-Men writer Cullen Bunn and Bizarro writer Heath Corson, and an art portfolio review from Sheriff of Babylon artist Mitch Gerads.

The plan is to produce a 128-page graphic novel that will first release in single issues through Action Lab Comics, followed by the whole series being collected in trade paperback. Kickstarter backers can pre-order the original graphic novel during an exclusive window before the books are sold to the general public. These pre-orders will come with an exclusive print by Tim Seeley and Nicola Scott that will not be sold anywhere else! There is also the opportunity for backers to purchase signed copies of the book as well.

Head to Kickstarter today to help fund the project! And be sure to check out Geek History Lesson, DC All-Access, and Collider Video for more from Ashley and Jason!

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