STAR WARS #27 [Review]

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Jason Aaron has been leading the charge of Marvel’s Star Wars comics as they create the new canon. So far it’s been wildly successful across all titles, with each having consistently exciting adventures in a galaxy far far away. Every ten issues or so of the main Star Wars title, Aaron likes to take a break from the overall story by having Luke read a chapter in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s old journal, filled with untold stories of our favorite Jedi. And in Star Wars #27, the young Skywalker reads a tale about the greatest teacher the Jedi order ever had – Master Yoda.

Yoda feels a calling in The Force and follows it to a strange planet inhabited entirely by children. There, he learns of the two warring factions and The Force sensitive mineral that makes up an entire mountain at the center of their conflict. The Master Jedi tries to interject and stop the war but instead finds himself overwhelmed and at the mercy of those who inherit the mountain.

The trail of narrators – from Kenobi to Skywalker to finally Yoda – was a creative choice I thoroughly enjoyed at the start of this issue. Jason Aaron places Yoda in an unfamiliar setting but surrounds him with beings similar to the younglings he teaches on Coruscant. Very much like the lost years of Ben Kenobi tales we were treated to before, this issue scratches an itch fans have had for a long time, and it’s refreshing to see our favorite little green warrior in a scenario away from the council or Republic in his younger years.

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Within a minimal amount of pages, Aaron introduces an unfamiliar planet, its inhabitants, their conflict, and why Yoda feels the need to interject. We’ve also never seen Yoda be so defenseless or under the control of somebody else. And every time one of the warriors refers to Yoda as a “frog person” it’s a fun poke at just how silly this character is – but we love him anyway. It’s a reminder that despite how serious we all take the Star Wars universe, it’s important to remember how silly it is and that the focus is on having fun.

Salvador Larroca does a splendid job establishing and populating a new planet within the Star Wars galaxy. The characters all look wonderful, with the primitive children warriors looking familiar but also not something we’ve yet seen in Star Wars canon. Other than a few close-ups of Yoda where the thick inks were distracting, he appears as expected and should satisfy readers eager to criticize. Edgar Delgado’s coloring also plays a major role in making this planet and species feel unique in a very diverse galaxy.

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[Plus, one of the best things about a Yoda comic book adventures is fans not having to debate between whether or not he should be a puppet or CGI. Personally, I’m not on board with the rumored young Yoda movie that may get made eventually. This comic is the way I would prefer to consume stories of Yoda’s youth.]

Jason Aaron made a brilliant decision is using these journal entry intermissions as a way to take a breather from the main story in Star Wars. Each one has been wonderful as he fills in the time gaps of the Star Wars canon. And with more being written and released almost every week, being a Star Wars fanatic in this day in age such a fulfilling experience.

Rating 4

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