U.S. AVENGERS #1 [Review]

U.S. AVENGERS #1/ Written by AL EWING/ Pencils by PACO MEDINA/ Inks by JUAN VLASCO/ Colors by JESUS ABURTOV/ Letters by CHRIS ELIOPOULOS/ Published by MARVEL COMICS

The Roberto da Costa-led New Avengers was a book I went back and forth on. I really enjoyed the Avengers Idea Mechanics but it took a while to really grab me outside of that. By the end of its 18 issue run, I found myself enjoying the team quite a bit. U.S. Avengers is the next step, with Sunspot and a mostly new team moving on to more ambitious heroics.

This inaugural issue gives readers a one-on-one introduction to each member of Da Costa’s new patriotic team. In between introductions, each hero is showcased during a mission to take down team that doubles as a wonderful Cobra rip-off. There’s a lot of G.I. Joe going on here and all of it is fantastic. Roberto is also filming these solo segments for release to the public in order to regain some trust, relaying to the reader the team’s mission statement as some of his teammates share their skepticism.

Everything about U.S. Avengers #1 is fun; the name, the logo, the characters, the art, the story, etc. Unlike New Avengers, which took a while to find its identity and hold my interest, this comic does it right out of the gate. Writer Al Ewing does all the necessary set-up in one issue, without lingering too long or leaving any fat. This book is perfectly paced and everybody gets the perfect amount of face time. I even find myself immediately buying into this new Red Hulk and the re-purposing of the Iron Patriot moniker. Ewing is also utilizing this opportunity to comment on our own harsh political climate, but does so very quickly and without shifting the focus of the book.

usavenge pg2

U.S. Avengers is just as fun to look at as it is to read, and the art absolutely does justice to the script. Colorful and light, the art team is clearly loving this Avengers-meets-G.I. Joe book. They also have the advantage that this team is so visually varied, which wasn’t the case with its predecessor New Avengers. Da Costa has a little bit of everything on his squad of patriots and Pace Medina does wonders penciling them in a tightly paced comic. I imagine this series is going to have a ton of fun with with all their characters, heroes and villains.

U.S.Avengers is off to a good start. The usual Marvel skeptics should be pleasantly surprised at how much fun they have with this one. DC Rebirth’s success has forced Marvel to step up their game and this book is a perfect example of that. It’s Marvel focusing on what separates them from DC and showcasing their strengths. Al Ewing and company deliver a wonderful introduction. This may just find itself at the top of my Pull List next time.

Rating 4

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