STAR TREK DISCOVERY: Does Voq Become DS9’S Albino Klingon?

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CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery is a hit for the new streaming service, and fans have been combing over every episode looking at every little detail  for little clues and Easter eggs from past Star Trek shows. There have already been a lot of fun Easter eggs, like a bottle of wine from Château Picard and the inclusion of the villain, Harcourt Fenton Mudd from The Original Series.

Star Trek: Discovery deals with the causes and origin of the Klingon/Federation War and drops many references to Klingon history. There is a Klingon warrior who is a reoccurring character on Star Trek: Discovery called Voq – a disgraced warrior who has no Klingon house to claim as his own. He seeks to serve the self-titled Klingon messiah, T’Kuvma, and Voq was able to persuade T’Kuvma to allow him to become the Klingon Torchbearer. Voq even took the position of leader of T’Kuvma’s disciples after the latter’s death at the hands of Star Fleet.

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Now, many are wondering if the Klingon, Voq is the same Klingon warrior who appeared in the Deep Space Nine episode, ‘Blood Oath’. That Klingon, called The Albino, is a criminal warlord and a sworn enemy of the Klingon House of Kor. Interestingly, Voq has a blood feud with the leader of the House of Kor, beginning when its leader betrays him, steals his ship and leaves him for dead. Voq is also shown as being a very different Klingon who is not accepted due to his skin color and lack of a Klingon family house.

Not a lot is known about the The Albino beyond him having a blood feud with three of The Original Series‘ Klingon warriors and leading many raids into Klingon territory. The Albino is an older Klingon in DS9, with white hair and a wrinkled face, which would make sense given that ‘Blood Oath’ is set approximately 80 years after the events of Star Trek: Discovery. This time gap is not that problematic, either, because a Klingon warrior can be 90 years old (if not older) and still be strong enough to fight in combat.

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The whole first season of Star Trek: Discovery hasn’t yet aired, and it remains unknown if Voq and The Albino are one in the same, but the evidence is very compelling. Given that these two Klingons are both albinos, their ages line up to be about right, and they both have a mean grudge with House Kor – not to mention that the Klingon who The Albino fights are from The Original Series – it seems increasingly likely that these two characters will be revealed as being one in the same.

At the end of the third episode of Star Trek: Discovery, Voq is rescued by one of T’Kuvma’s followers and then smuggled to a Klingon planet to begin his training. If it is revealed that Voq and The Albino are the same character, it will be interesting to see what turns Voq from an honorable Klingon warrior into the criminal warlord we see years later in Deep Space Nine.

Star Trek: Discovery airs Sundays at 8pm/9c through CBS All-Access.

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