5 Characters Slade Wilson Could Fight In The DEATHSTROKE Movie

After his popular cameo at the end of Justice League, Deathstroke is next slated to appear in his own  standalone movie from The Raid director, Gareth Evans. Evans has been tapped to not only direct but write the feature film which will see Joe Manganiello (True Blood, Magic Mike) reprise the role of the masked villain/antihero. Previously, Manganiello was attached to be the villain in Matt Reeves’ upcoming Batman film, but that plan has since been nixed.

Though little is known at this stage, it’s probably safe to say the Deathstroke film will cast Slade Wilson as more of an antihero than outright villain, as the comics have done over the last few years. He will most likely walk the line between good and evil (similarly to Deadshot in 2016’s Suicide Squad). No matter what they choose, a Deathstroke film has the potential to be very exciting film that could crack open the criminal world of the DC Universe for future movies.

Now that we know Slade Wilson is still coming to the big screen, let’s look at five characters who may cross swords with him in the Deathstroke movie:

Brother Blood

deathstroke movie brother blood villain

As the dangerous and evil leader of The Cult of Blood, Brother Blood has fought many heroes and villains in the DC universe. His powers include: supernatural physical strength, aging at a much slower rate than normal humans, and command over an army of fanatics. Brother Blood would be a dangerous foe for Slade Wilson who could match him in power and strength. If used as the film’s villain, he would add an element of horror which other villains lack.

Bronze Tiger

deathstroke movie bronze tiger villain

A villain who has appeared all over the DC universe, Bronze Tiger has been a member of the League of Assassins, Suicide Squad, and Black Mask’s gang. He does not possess any metahuman powers, but is a master martial artist, besting even Batman and Richard Dragon in combat. Bronze Tiger would be an interesting villain for Wilson to face as he is a cunning martial artist, but his inclusion would also serve to include the League of Assassins in the current DC Comics film universe.

Richard Dragon

deathstroke movie richard dragon

Speaking of, Dragon is a thief who walks the line between good and evil and is considered to be one of the DC Universe’s top martial artists. In the past, Dragon has trained Wonder Woman, Huntress and many others. Were he to be the villain of the new Deathstroke film, it would promise exciting fight scenes and amazing choreography as Dragon is one of the few who could give Wilson’s hand-to-hand combat skills a real run for their money.

Grant Wilson

deathstroke movie grant wilson villain

Grant Wilson is one of Slade Wilson’s sons. After going through the same procedure as his father, he gained a healing factor, super-strength, enhanced senses and reflexes. That along with Grant’s expertise martial arts training would make him not only a formidable villain, but his relationship to Slade would allow for some high drama, forcing Slade to come to terms with his being such a bad father. This would add a element of family dynamics to the film and showcase that actions have consequences.

Black Mask

deathstroke movie black mask villain

Black Mask is a very popular villain in the DC Universe. He is an ultra-powerful, cunning, and very dangerous crime lord who controls much of Gotham’s seedy underbelly. Black Mask does not possess any super powers, however, he is an expert marksman and the mask from which he takes his name has hypnotic, mind-controlling abilities. In various comic books, he has also been shown to be a skilled swordsman, meaning Black Mask would be a fantastic choice of villain to face Slade Wilson. With his underworld connections and army of thugs, he would be a clear and present danger that would be hard for Slade to overcome.

Those are our picks for five villains Slade Wilson may fight in his upcoming film. Did you favorites make the list? Who would you like to see Deathstroke do battle with on the big screen? Sound off in the comments!

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