Anime Fest Artist Alley Interviews

Most conventions feature an Artist Alley area, with many wonderful independent artists. Anime Fest 2019 was no exception. Managing Editor Matt Morrison took the time to talk with some of these artists, so that we might profile their work.

The Art of Eliamaria M. Crawford


Creator: Eliamaria M. Crawford

Facebook: The Art of Eliamaria M. Crawford

Website: Elia In A Box

A talented stick-figure artist, whose witty writing proves more complex than her simple art would suggest, Elia is a mainstay of the DFW con scene and one of its most talented humorists. She is perhaps most famous for her book Humans Really Irritate Me.

Q: How are you doing today?

A: Good.

Q: How’s business been this year?

A: Great!


Galactic Dust Bunnies & State Of Disunion

Kathryn Crenshaw_State_Of_Disunion

Creator: Kathryn Crenshaw

Facebook: State of Disunion and Galactic Dust Bunnies

Website: State of Disunion and Galactic Dust Bunnies

State of Disunion is a satirical webcomic centered around the antics of anthropomorphic personifications of the 50 American states. Currently on hiatus due to the creator’s recovering from her second pregnancy, her other work can be found on her other site, Galactic Dust Bunnies.

Q: How are you doing today?

A: Busy but good.

Q: How’s business been this year?

A: Good. AnimeFest is one of my best shows every year.



Creator: Drew Edwards

Facebook: Halloween-Man

Website: Halloween-Man on Comixology

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, Halloween-Man is a modern-day send-up of classic horror and superheroes, centering around a half-zombie vigilante brought back to life by the power of the sequel.

Q: How are you doing today?

A: Good.

Q: How’s business been this year?

A: Good. AnimeFest is one of our best shows. I never miss it.

Q: How soon until the next Halloween-Man book comes out?

A: September.

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