The 2020 Academy Awards Drinking Game

The Academy Awards are upon us once more, and we here at Kabooooom have developed a drinking game to play while watching the ceremony!

2020 Oscars Drinking Game


  1. Someone mentions the lack of female directors being nominated this year.
  2. Someone other than Renee Zellweger wins Best Actress.
  3. Star Wars: Episode 9 wins something.
  4. Someone other than Elton John wins the Oscar for Best Original Song.
  5. If Joker actually wins Best Picture over everything else nominated.
  6. If Parasite wins both Best Foreign Film and Best Picture.
  7. If Quentin Tarantino wins Best Director
  8. If someone mentions how The Farewell was robbed in any form whatsoever.
  9. If John Travolta is a presenter.
  10. If a winner uses the podium as an opportunity to present a political cause and/or take a politically charged stance.


  1. The Irishman actually wins Best Picture
  2. Avengers: Endgame wins any kind of Oscar.

You may also want to have one sober friend on hand, just in case they may need to call 911 due to the fact you have alcohol poisoning. is not responsible for any hangovers and/or damage to your self-esteem, reputation, health and well-being that result from playing The 2020 Academy Awards Drinking Game.



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