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Welcome to Kabooooom! Here is where we review, rant, and rave about comics, movies, television and all they inspire. Whether you’re a comic shop veteran or a neophyte only beginning to explore the world of bags, boards and long boxes – ALL comic book fans are welcome on Kabooooom!

We’re always reading, always watching, always writing, and always listening.

We’re just like you… except we have a website.

So sit back, grab a snack, read our words and when you get that feeling deep in your gut (not that Pop Rocks and Coke feeling, the other one) about something you love that we’ve covered (or have yet to) leave a comment, send an e-mail, or reply on Twitter/Facebook.



Anthony Chanza

Pierce Lydon

Carlos Morales


Editor-in-Chief, Sarah Moran [contact]

Contributing Editor, Matt Morrison


Ron Ackner, Anne Mortensen-Agnew, Tiffany Belieu, Gregory Goode, Marcus HammondIsabel Hsu, Shannon Hsu, Tim Jones, Matt Morrison, Erik Radvon, Rush Urbalejo

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