TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S8 Christmas Special – “Last Christmas”

Doctor Who Christmas specials have been a tradition to watch in my family ever since the 2005 special “The Christmas Invasion.” This year, things were different, as for the first time ever my family and I had no interest in watching on Christmas Day. We had been disappointed with Series 8 and the 2014 Christmas […]

TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S8 Finale “Dark Water”/”Death in Heaven”

Here it is, the Doctor Who season final! This is normally a time for excitement, awe and wonder, but instead we were given “Dark Water” and “Death in Heaven”. Turn on your emotional inhibitors folks, because this is a story for us all to forget. “Dark Water” had all the components of a good Doctor […]

TV Review: DOCTOR S08E09 “Flatline”

In “Flatline”, two dimensional creatures come from another universe and out from the walls! The Doctor seems to have a lot of questions, especially in regards to the shrinking size of his TARDIS, but do the viewers feel his level of curiosity? Or do they perhaps already know something he doesn’t? The intro scene of […]

TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S08E08 “Mummy on the Orient Express”

If you want to have a final goodbye, travelling on the Orient Express across a hyper space ribbon past a swirling black hole is probably a good way of doing it. The idea is so good in fact, it cancelled Clara and The Doctor’s goodbye plans! So it failed as a last hurrah… but did […]

TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S08E07 “Kill the Moon”

The initial next time trailer for “Kill the Moon” hyped me beyond belief with all the corpses of an other world colony stuck to the walls, eight legged creatures unexpectedly jumping at people’s faces, and the final shot from the trailer showing a completely smooth spider’s head with a horrific set of teeth. It all seemed to […]

TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S08E06 “The Caretaker”

After two weeks of time bending plots and out of this world concepts, “The Caretaker” takes a much simpler approach. An episode set completely on Earth! No paradoxes. No surprising plot twists. No unnecessary heroic sacrifices. This is all about a teacher and an ex-soldier who are in love, and the lack of approval it […]

TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S08E05 “Time Heist”

Last week we saw incredible plot twists, great character development and superbly simple concepts. With that, expectations for this week are raised high. Many generally believe this season to be a disappointment with the exception of “Listen”, which many consider the best episode in a long time. So will this quality continue? Has Moffat learned […]

TV Review: DOCTOR WHO S08E04 “Listen”

Fans for years have been annoyed by Doctor Who‘s disjointed episodes crammed full of too many ridiculous ideas. All many of us have wanted is a simple premise with a clever solution and we’ve wanted Steven Moffat to heed what we have been saying in reviews, vlogs, and via angry twitter messages. What Moffat really needs to […]