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ANT-MAN [Review]

Coming after the last half-dozen Marvel Studios efforts full of explosive events and potentially world-ending catastrophes, Ant-Man is a welcome palette cleanser that makes the most of its smaller scale. Not since Iron Man has Marvel released a movie this accessible, with a (relatively) light and breezy tone as likely to appeal to kids as […]


Here it is, America. Someone heard your complaints about endless blockbusters with no substance, full of fight scenes of CGI creations punching each other repeatedly, while shot in simulated shaky-cam, and has decided to gift you with an action spectacle for the ages; one that excels in every way. From its jaw-dropping practical effects to […]


Featuring a memorable heroine as capable of brandishing a katana as she is to sing, “beans, beans, the musical fruit” to her cat, Apocalyptigirl: An Aria For The End Times is a wonderful original graphic novel, written and beautifully illustrated by Andrew MacLean. Indebted to the world-building and strong female protagonists of Studio Ghibli films […]

Comic Review: REBELS #1

Rebels #1 is a master class in how to establish character, setting and tone within the space of a single issue, while also breathing new life into one of the medium’s most neglected genres – the war comic. Set immediately prior to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, the creative team of Brian Wood, Andrea […]


As fans of superhero saga, Jupiter’s Legacy eagerly await the release date for Volume 2, series writer Mark Millar is doing his best to make the wait bearable by penning a prequel series – Jupiter’s Circle. Set in the USA circa 1959, Circle stars The Utopian, Lady Liberty and other first generation super humans in […]

Comic Review: CONVERGENCE #0

Convergence #0 opens with a dazed Superman asking, “Where am I? Readers might find themselves similarly confused, as this prelude to DC’s spring event is a bit of a mess. As a comics news reader, I’m aware of the basic premise of Convergence sees the return of various abandoned/alternate DC continuities in April and May, leading […]