REVIEW: Detective Comics #10

Written by TONY S. DANIEL Art by ED BENES & ROB HUNTER Back-up Art by SZYMON KUDRANSKI Colors by TOMEU MOREY Back-up Colors by JOHN KALISZ Letters by JARED K. FLETCHER Back-Up Letters by DEZI SIENTY Detective Comics has been a series marred by cringeworthy dialogue from Tony S. Daniel. This issue is little exception. […]

REVIEW: Batman Incorporated #1

Written by GRANT MORRISON Art by CHRIS BURNHAM Colors by NATHAN FAIRBAIRN Letters by PATRICK BROSSEAU Batman Incorporated #1 represents another starting point for a series that began in one continuity and will finish in another. The plot has become very focused, discarding the complicated layers of complexity of the previous issues in favor of […]

REVIEW: Green Lantern Corps #7

Written by PETER J. TOMASI Art by CLAUDE ST. AUBIN & SCOTT HANNA Colors by GABE ELTAEB / Letters by DAVE SHARPE Taking a break from the high-octane action that has so far defined this series, Peter Tomasi uses this issue to explore the aftermath of the Green Lanterns’ battle with the Keepers. John Stewart’s decision […]

REVIEW: Green Lantern #7

Written by GEOFF JOHNS Art by DOUG MAHNKE, CHRISTIAN ALAMY & KEITH CHAMPAGNE with MARK IRWIN Colors by ALEX SINCLAIR Letters by SAL CIPRIANO While this series began in a very new-reader friendly way, the story has now fallen into the depths of inaccessibility. The upcoming plot will surely excite veteran Green Lantern readers while leaving newer […]