REVIEW: Warehouse 13 #5

Written by BEN RAAB & DERIC A. HUGHES Art by GORDON PURCELL Colors by JAMES BABBO Letters byBILL TORTOLINI “Warehouse 13” fans can rest assured that while the show is awaiting its return to the small screen they can still get their fix of their favorite artifact investigators and “America’s Attic.” Dynamite brings writers of the […]

REVIEW: Alice in Wonderland #3

Written by RAVEN GREGORY Art by ROBERT GILL Colors by JASON EMBURY Letters by JIM CAMPBELL Raven Gregory brings fans back to the sinister existence of Wonderland, in his prequel to the Wonderland stories (Tales from Wonderland, Return to Wonderland, Escape from Wonderland, and Beyond Wonderland). In Alice in Wonderland #3, Gregory gives a glimpse into […]