SUPERGIRL Season 1 Premiere [Review]

“It’s not a bird… It’s not a plane… and it’s not a man.” This mantra has been the visual earworm that CBS, the network behind the new Supergirl series, has done its best to pound into its potential viewers’ heads since their promotion of the project kicked into high gear over the past month or […]

lantern city 2 review feature header

LANTERN CITY #2 [Review]

There is nothing wrong with enjoying superhero comics. Without those brave women and men in capes, comics would never have risen to the level of popularity or literary legitimacy they enjoy today. Superhero comics allowed writers to be storytellers and world builders, and the medium is now so attractive that almost anyone looking for a good […]

TV Review: GOTHAM S01E01 “Pilot”

Any time the word “prequel” is thrown around, it instantly brings to mind THE prequels (Star Wars Episodes I-III), and the project in question is generally just as anticipated as it is feared.  When Gotham was first announced, many groaned a bit, fearful that the FOX Batman prequel series would muddy the mythology behind one […]

TV Review: SONS OF ANARCHY S07E01 “Black Widower”

The season 6 finale of Sons of Anarchy was one of the most shocking season finales in recent memory.  Over the summer, fans of the hit series contemplated exactly where the show would go for its final season.  After all, now that creator Kurt Sutter has decided to finish SAMCRO’s story, pretty much anything could […]

Movie Review: TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES – Does it Reach its Target Demographic?

This past weekend the Michael Bay-produced reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hit theaters all over the country and – just as Megan Fox predicted – audiences went out in droves to see the latest adventures of their favorite reptilian masters of the martial arts. Considering the vicious reviews the movie had already attracted weeks […]

Movie Review: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY – Does it Live Up to the Hype?

After a year of waiting, Guardians of the Galaxy was finally unleashed upon audiences this weekend and, if the box office numbers are any indication, a good chunk of the country made sure to hit their local multiplex this weekend to see exactly what Marvel had up their sleeve. The trailers and TV spots a-plenty really […]

SDCC 2014 Wed & Thurs Schedules: Our Picks (Updated!)

San Diego Comic-Con just released their schedules for Preview Night and Thursday!  There are plenty of panels to choose from and you may wind up a bit cross-eyed trying to get through it all.  So we’ve sifted through the packed schedule and pulled out what we feel may be some of the “not-to-be-missed” panels of the […]