Webcomic Wonders: Mahfood Talks 'Los Angeles Ink Stains'

Webcomic Wonders: Mahfood Talks ‘Los Angeles Ink Stains’

What It Is: Los Angeles Ink Stains is an autobiographical webcomic by Jim Mahfood, who has not only worked on comics, but also in live art, murals, advertising, and custom body-painting. In comics, Mahfood has worked on Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Ultimate Spider-Man Super Special, Kickpuncher (from the “Community” season one DVD) and more for every […]

REVIEW: Astonishing X-Men #48

Written by MARJORIE LIU Art by MIKE PPERKINS Colors by ANDY TROY / Letters by JOE CARAMAGNA “What is it about love? On the scale of regret, nothing else can compete. It makes us more foolish than the Greeks, and more vengeful than the Romans. And it makes us give ourselves up entirely for others.” So […]

REVIEW: Peter Panzerfaust #2

REVIEW: Peter Panzerfaust #2

Written by KURTIS J. WIEBE Art by TYLER JENKINS Colors by ALEX SOLLAZZO/Letters by ED BRISSON If you’re lucky, novelty will sell a first issue before readership drops off in the second. Kurtis J. Wiebe and Tyler Jenkins have enough good stuff here to make Peter Panzerfaust not only surpass the realm of novelty, but to […]

REVIEW: Astonishing X-Men #47

Written by GREG PAK Art by MIKE MCKONE  Colors by RACHELLE ROSENBERG Letters by JOE CARAMAGNA Finally. After a painfully average first two issues, Greg Pak finishes his “Exalted” storyline on Astonishing X-Men with an issue that makes the entire arc worthwhile, and an ending that’s tear-worthy and more emotional than any other Schism-related book. […]