Buy Your Kabooooom Approved Apparel at Tee Public

What we wear identifies us even more than what we read or watch. When you’re out and notice a total stranger wearing a Batman t-shirt, it’s like finding a kindred spirit amongst the anonymous masses. And for niche communities like comic book and sci-fi fans, those t-shirts become proof of membership. “Hey, you like that […]

Wytches #1 Conjures Impressive Spell of Variants

Wytches – the new creator-owned series from superstar Batman scribe Scott Snyder and renowned UK artist Jock –  is slated to land in shops next week. Ahead of its debut, Image Comics has released a rundown of Wytches #1 event and retailer-exclusive variant covers, and we have to say they look scary good. There’s no […]

Tyler Stout’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Mondo Poster Revealed!

Holy shit, guys. LOOK AT THIS THING. Mondo has been churning out beautiful prints for the duration of Comic-Con, but the cult-favorite alternative poster house surprised devoted fans who had been lining up at their booth all weekend long with this practically perfect Guardians of the Galaxy variant print from artist Tyler Stout. Stout, a […]

Kotobukiya Reveals Bishoujo Psylocke & Spider-Woman SDCC Exclusives

Earlier this week, Japanese art figure manufacturer Kotobukiya revealed two exclusive variants from its Bishoujou statue line, available to this year’s Comic-Con attendees — Classic X-Men Psylocke and Metallic Spider-Woman! The previously-released Bishoujo X-Force Psylocke statue is re-imagined with a brand new paint job, featuring iconic blue costuming and added pink psychic katana effects that […]

‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ Art Exhibition / Panel Coming to LA

Get excited, LA folks! This coming Saturday, June 21st, the pop art purveyors at Gallery Nucleus will be hosting a special exhibition celebrating DreamWorks’ new animated feature, How to Train Your Dragon 2. The exhibition, running through July 6th, will feature original art from over 40 DreamWorks artists. Opening night attendees are in for a […]

Nicolas Delort’s ‘Nosferatu’ Poster is Freaking Amazing

Werner Herzog‘s 1979 film, Nosferatu The Vampyre, has been getting some serious love lately. First, Los Angeles movie mecca Cinefamily hosted screenings of a brand new 35 mm print of the film in German, and now, we get this incredible poster from Nicolas Delort, thanks to the folks over at Black Dragon Press. The licensed, […]