JUSTICE LEAGUE ACTION “Shazam Slam” [Review]

With a perfect blend of superheroic adventure and comedy, Justice League Action should prove a hit with fans of all ages.

CON MAN Season 2 Episodes 1-2 [Review]

[WARNING – This Con Man Review Contains SPOILERS!] 13 years ago, the television series Spectrum premiered to rave reviews and critical acclaim. Naturally, like all truly great science-fiction shows, it was canceled by executives who thought it was too cerebral. Despite its relatively short life on-screen, the series achieved cult status and developed a devout […]

the last ship sea change review

THE LAST SHIP Season 3, Episodes 7 & 8 [Review]

[WARNING – This review contains SPOILERS.] The Last Ship has entered its final half of the third season, where it is very normal for a TV show to begin revealing and shedding light on the mysteries it has built up thus far. The Last Ship is certainly no exception and with two episodes – “Into the […]