Stephanie Brown is not a superhero. Not anymore. Superheroes, in Stephanie’s considerable experience, are more concerned about the next fight with the next costumed madman than they are about people they supposedly protect. It’s a lesson that was driven home to Stephanie following the loss of the love of her life, Tim Drake, and a […]

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THE LAST SHIP Season 1 [Recap]

This Sunday, TNT’s highly acclaimed show, The Last Ship will return for its second season. To bring those of you who may have missed out season 1 up to speed, we’ve compiled here a brief recap of the show thus far. The Last Ship follows the USS Nathan James, a NAVY destroyer commanded by Captain Tom […]

Buy Your Kabooooom Approved Apparel at Tee Public

What we wear identifies us even more than what we read or watch. When you’re out and notice a total stranger wearing a Batman t-shirt, it’s like finding a kindred spirit amongst the anonymous masses. And for niche communities like comic book and sci-fi fans, those t-shirts become proof of membership. “Hey, you like that […]

Wytches #1 Conjures Impressive Spell of Variants

Wytches – the new creator-owned series from superstar Batman scribe Scott Snyder and renowned UK artist Jock –  is slated to land in shops next week. Ahead of its debut, Image Comics has released a rundown of Wytches #1 event and retailer-exclusive variant covers, and we have to say they look scary good. There’s no […]

WATCH: ‘Last of You’ Teaser; Winner of Best Sci-Fi Short & Judges’ Choice Award at Comic-Con

“What if you could relive your last memories of someone you loved? In a devastated world, Yonatan, the developer of a device which allows the re-experience of recorded memories, becomes obsessive about the last recollections of his late wife. When it’s time to move to a safer place and leave the memories behind, Yonatan holds […]