Comic Review: AGENTS OF SHIELD #1

SHIELD (Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division) is Earth’s first line of defense against the strange and unusual. Rogue gods? Rebellious mutants? Super-science gone wrong?  Since their founding, SHIELD has neutralized all these threats and more! Agent Phil Coulson is a devout company man. Known for his mild-mannered persona, Coulson’s cool-headed exterior masks one of […]


The world changed after the event that became known as The Battle of New York. In an instant, the world was made aware of the truth – that aliens existed and that a group of heroes, The Avengers, had assembled to save humanity from certain destruction. What was kept secret, however, was that The Avengers […]

The Kabooooom! TV Finale Wrap-Up

Summer is officially here and gone from the airwaves are many of the television series that demanded our attention week after week. In this TV Finale Wrap-Up, the Kabooooom! Crew reflects back on their favorite shows from this past television year and shares their thoughts on their big finales. Arrow; Matt Morrison Whatever else may […]

NYCC 2013: Must-See Events and Panels

NYCC 2013 is this week and you’re  probably wondering what panels to attend, events to visit, or booths to check out. Don’t worry, we got it covered! ART SHOW CELEBRATES A DECADE OF THE WALKING DEAD    It may be hard to believe, but The Walking Dead is celebrating its 10 year anniversary at Comic […]