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The Amazing Spider-Man #1 swings into comic shops this week to launch the all-new Spidey and introduce us to a post-Secret Wars world. This issue is huge and for good reason – there is a lot to cover. Parker Industries has developed a device called Webware, a worldwide internet device strapped to your wrist like […]

Throwback Thursdays: Kingdom Come

Throwback Thursdays is a place where KABOOOOOM writers look back at things that have inspired, influence and amazed them from geekdom past. This week, Rush Urbalejo tackles the Mark Waid and Alex Ross masterpiece “Kingdom Come.”  Seventeen years ago, Mark Waid and Alex Ross told the world a story that included some of our favorite DC superheroes in a […]

REVIEW: The Spider #1

Written by DAVID LISS Art by COLTON WORLEY Letters by SIMON BOWLAND Despite the title, this is about as far from Spider-Man as you can get. For those unfamiliar with the character, the Spider was a pulp-magazine vigilante hero, created in 1933. Wearing a hat and cape, Richard Wentworth would prowl the streets as the […]

NEWS: Garth Ennis Writing New Shadow Ongoing

Garth Ennis Writing New Shadow Ongoing

Garth Ennis (The Boys, Punisher) will be writing a new Shadow series for Dynamite Entertainment with art by Aaron Campbell. The series debuts in April with covers by Alex Ross, John Cassaday, Jae Lee and Howard Chaykin. According to Ennis, The Shadow is one of the characters he’s most wanted to write but until now […]