9 Anime You’ve No Excuse For Not Watching

Back when I first began watching anime – that is, animated programming from Japan – it was was either the terrible English dubs shown on Cartoon Network or whatever VHS tape with bootlegged subtitling I’d find at some seedy video shop. My options were limited, to say the least. Nowadays, anime fans don’t have nearly […]

Total Lunacy: A Brief Introduction to Sailor Moon

Welcome to Total Lunacy! A new weekly series where in celebration of Sailor Moon’s international revival, senior Moonologist Anne Mortensen-Agnew will tell you a thing or two about the franchise.  Up first is an overview of the franchise’s humble origins and just why it became the beloved powerhouse it remains today. In 1991, Japanese comics […]

Shows We Want Toonami to Bring Back

We are beyond excited about Toonami’s return, but seriously where is Trigun? Here at Kabooooom we are fueled by donuts and like to compete in reckless sharpshooting competitions every Friday (but then again who doesn’t). While I am all for the unconfirmed line-up, which features Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ghost in the Shell:  Stand Alone Complex 2nd […]

Toonami Returns to TV May 26

Toonami Returns to TV May 26

Adult Swim announced on Wednesday that the net work would be bringing back its Toonami programming block starting May 26. The announcement comes after the company and Cartoon Network brought back the block for April Fool’s Day to gauge interest in the dormant property. Support came out in spades and plans to bring back Toonami […]

That Rare Nerd Find: Real Action Heroes Cyborg 009

That Rare Nerd Find: Real Action Heroes Cyborg 009

Howdy fellow Kabooooom geeks, welcome to “That Rare Nerd Find” feature here At Kabooooom HQ. What is this feature exactly about you ask?! It’s about treasure, nerd treasure. Now as someone who has been collecting toys, comics, retro videogames, signed memorabilia, rare books, and original comic book art for pretty much his whole life, I […]

Hunter x Hunter’s 1st Film

When Yoshihiro Togashi started Hunter x Hunter back in the late 90s, manga readers knew there was something special about Gon and the characters within the series. Since then Hunter x Hunter has been adapted into two separate anime series (one which is ongoing), which have done notably well. However, despite its loyal fan base, a movie adaptation was never green […]