The end is nigh! Multiple realities are beginning to pile upon one another, twisting and merging into one world! All of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been summoned forth, combining their powers to deal with a crisis to end all crises! Meanwhile, Scott Lang (a.k.a. The Ant-Man) is trying not to get crushed to death by a […]

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ANT-MAN [Review]

Coming after the last half-dozen Marvel Studios efforts full of explosive events and potentially world-ending catastrophes, Ant-Man is a welcome palette cleanser that makes the most of its smaller scale. Not since Iron Man has Marvel released a movie this accessible, with a (relatively) light and breezy tone as likely to appeal to kids as […]

Comic Review: ANT-MAN #1

Scott Lang is kind of a screw-up. Okay. Cut the “kind-of.” He’s a total screw-up and he’ll be the first to admit it. There was only one thing Scott was ever any good at and that was stealing. Unfortunately, he got caught because of a screw-up. That screwed-up his marriage, which was already pretty screwed-up […]

Sunday Movie Scoop – 7/14/13

A brand-new red band trailer for Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake is here! Check out the movie trailer for the original 2003 Korean film to see how they stack up. We also got a new Elysium featurette this week, highlighting the “disparity of wealth and poverty” in the film’s futuristic setting. Be on the lookout Agent […]

REVIEW: Secret Avengers #27

Written by RICK REMENDER Art by RENTO GUEDES Colors by BETTIE BREITWEISER & MATTHEW WILSON Letters by CHRIS ELIOPOULOS The team continues their jaunt in space as they come under attack by former comrade Captain Marvel. If nothing else Rick Remender at least infuses this issue with some half decent characterization for the previously deceased […]