LUCIFER #1 [Review]

Once there was an angel named Samael, who was the most beautiful and prideful of his race. He plotted treason against his creator and was cast out, falling into the realm which would become known as Hell. It was here that he took the name Lucifer Morningstar and united the other fallen angels and monsters […]

Comic Review: SPIDER-MAN 2099 #1

We need the old Spider-Man 2099. We need his magic. Miguel O’Hara swings back into his own monthly title this week in Spider-Man 2099 #1, with none other than co-creator Peter David returning to handle writing duties. The first issue marks a serviceable yet somewhat muted return for the character, with flat plot points and […]

QUICKIE REVIEW: Revolutionary War: Alpha #1

REVOLUTIONARY WAR: ALPHA #1/ Written by ANDY LANNING & ALAN COWSILL/ Art by RICH ELSON/ Colors by ANTONIO FABELA/ Published by MARVEL COMICS Everything that’s old is new again, and apparently that even extends to weird comic book pocket universes from the early ‘90s like Marvel UK. The imprint from across the pond produced a […]