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The comic book industry is brimming with excellent stories about extraordinary people having exciting adventures.  These stories take the reader on fantastic trips through the imagination, allowing for a brief respite from the everyday. What happens though when one is in the mood for something a little less removed from reality, yet still imaginative? It’s […]

Cosby, Eliopoulos Round Up 'Cow Boy'

Cosby, Eliopoulos Round Up ‘Cow Boy’

The word “western” probably conjures up images of Clint Eastwood’s squinty-eyed mug wearing a Stetson and riding a horse. He probably says things like “Make my day” and “This here’s th’ end a’ th’ line, hombre.” You probably think of outlaws, bounty hunters and saloons. None of this sounds like the kind of thing that […]

Guide to NYCC Day Four:Comics

Guide to NYCC Day Four: Comics

New York Comic-Con is right around the corner and with it comes crowds, chaos and the ever present con crud. This year, Kabooooom will be right in the thick of things covering as many panels, Q&As and random happenings as possible. Of course, you’ll need a guide to get help you spend your time at […]

Archaia Reveals Henson's 'Tale of Sand'

NEWS: Archaia Reveals Henson’s ‘Tale of Sand’

Jim Henson would have been 75 on September 24. But although he is gone, his creative vision lives on in many forms. While the biggest ticket project is definitely this Fall’s brand-new Muppets movie, comic book  and Henson fans alike will be overjoyed at the prospect of a brand-new Henson-created project. In honor of his […]