DC Comics’ Villains Month Round-Up – Week Four

DC Comics’ Villains Month is upon us. We’ve read for months about the 3D covers and DC’s financing woes, but what really matters is the content. Each issue this month deals with the background story of a DC Universe villain. So what is worth checking out and what should be passed up? [Missed week one? […]

REVIEW: Talon #10

Story by JAMES TYNION IV/Art by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA and SZYMON KUDRANSKI/Colors by JEREMY COX/Letters by DEZI SIENTY/ Published by DC Comics It is a special feeling to sit down with an issue of any comic book and feel so completely wrapped up in each character, whether primary or secondary, that a satisfied sigh escapes your […]

The Unlikely Legacy of ‘Knightfall’ Part III

The Unlikely Legacy of ‘Knightfall,’ Part III

This is the third and final installment of our look back at the Batman crossover “Knightfall.” Click here to read Part I- The Breaking of the 20th Century Bat. Click here to read Part II- Who Rules the Night. ***** A Villain for Our Times, Then and Now In our previous installments we’ve discussed the […]

The Unlikely Legacy of "Knightfall," Part II

The Unlikely Legacy of “Knightfall,” Part II

This is the second installment in a three part series looking back at the Batman story “Knightfall.” The first installment is available here. Also, if you haven’t read “Knightfall”, this article is a minefield of major plot points and SPOILERS, so be on ALERT. ***** Who Rules the Night? As touched upon in part one, […]