Comic Review: FUTURES END #13

You know those ensemble movies that come out around Valentine’s Day? The ones with the all-star cast that you know your going to have to stomach because your significant other thinks it’ll be a romantic way to spend some time together. No matter how many stars are packed into the movie it’s still an hour and […]

J.T. Krul Takes on 'Superman Beyond'

J.T. Krul Takes on ‘Superman Beyond’

According to J.T. Krul himself, the writer will be taking on Superman Beyond for DC Comics in April. Howard Porter and Livesay will join him on the book. This is the second title in DC’s Beyond line. The first is Batman Beyond. No word yet on whether or not Superman Beyond will follow a similar […]

NEWS: 'Batman Beyond' Returns in Digital First Format

NEWS: ‘Batman Beyond’ Returns in Digital First Format

After shaking up the comics world with the New 52, DC Comics is introducing another new publishing strategy to their arsenal: the digital first comic format complete with monthly print collection. Beginning in February 2012, Batman Beyond and Justice League Beyond will be released in chapters online and then collected in a 48-page monthly book […]