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SECRET WARS #7 [Review]

Marvel has a pretty strange approach to ending its long standing universe and launching a new one simultaneously. It’s been a while since the main Secret Wars tale unfolded, with their focus shifting to all the new #1’s that have been pouring out of Marvel each week. There have been a few patches of confusion, […]

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SECRET WARS #5 [Review]

Jonathan Hickman is and has always been a strong writer in the world of comic books, and his contributions to Marvel since 2009 have been among his best. Heavy on science fiction theory and with deep character motivation and development, his incarnations of long standing heroes rank high above most. Secret Wars, so far, is […]

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OLD MAN LOGAN #2 [Review]

Post-apocalyptic stories where all but a handful of your favorite heroes are dead is a setting that has been around forever in comics. It’s a setting that, when done properly, can easily become a reader’s favorite. Marvel’s previous visit with the gray haired and broken Wolverine was a welcomed one and Old Man Logan #1 […]

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MAGNETO #19 [Review]

With all the excitement and drama going on with Secret Wars, Marvel is still wrapping up a few characters in their final 616-universe moments. Of those characters, Magneto still has a lot going on. Recently the “Master of Magnetism” has gone pretty dark, almost as dark as his current costume. Now that the world knows […]

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Some may think that Secret Wars is really starting to feel like a thinly veiled excuse for writers to create lengthy What If? plots. In the first issue of Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows, Dan Slott gets to dive into a reality where Peter and Mary Jane didn’t separate and we never had to live through One More […]