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Black Bolt is not an example of the best father, giving his son, Ahura over to the time-travelling, madman Kang “The Conqueror.” He’s only recently confessed this sin of his to Medusa, who after their separation became the sole-sovereign of the Inhumans. With the help of Beast and a handful of Inhumans, they team up […]

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The set-up from the previous two installments of Inhumans: Attilan Rising pits Black Bolt (or rather, Blackagar Boltagon) and his underground rebellion against Medusa and her agents of Doom. The rebels – a.k.a The Voice Unheard – run a club called The Quiet Room and Medusa’s agents come snooping, looking around for evidence linking the […]

NEWS: Marvel Reveals Final FF #600 Teaser

NEWS: Marvel Reveals Final FF #600 Teaser

Marvel’s first family will be hitting landmark issue #600 and we’ve learned the current FF book will split into two books, FF and Fantastic Four. Both books will be written by current FF scribe Jonathan Hickman. To celebrate the occasion, they’ve released the a teaser featuring Galactus with the words “Very soon, your world is […]