Written by BRIAN K. VAUGHAN/ Art by FIONA STAPLES/ Letter by FONOGRAFIKS/ Published by IMAGE COMICS At this point it’s basically impossible to review an issue of Saga without gushing endlessly about how lovely it looks or how wonderful its story is. Brian K. Vaughn and Fiona Staples have mastered Saga’s intriguing blend of the […]

The Round-Up, 3.27.13 Edition

Welcome back to The Round-Up! This week we have an all Sarah Moran review block which contains issue 11 of Saga and the aftermath of the “Death of Everyone” arc in Invincible! INVINCIBLE #101 / Written by ROBERT KIRKMAN / Art by RYAN OTTLEY, CLIFF RATHBURN, and JOHN RAUCH / Letters by RUS WOOTON / […]

The Round-Up (7/18/12)

The Round-Up, 7.18.12 Edition

Welcome to The Round-Up! This week, we kick things off with Sarah Moran’s take on Saga #5. ***** SAGA #5 / Written by BRIAN K. VAUGHAN / Art by FIONA STAPLES / Published by IMAGE COMICS Review by SARAH MORAN Only five issues in and Saga is already one of my favorite books. Every character, every place in Brian […]

The Coolest Thing You'll See Today: 20-Minute Y:The Last Man Fan Film

The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today: Y:The Last Man Fan Film

Somehow we didn’t see this until now. Noteworthy Productions put this film together for less than a grand! If this doesn’t make a strong case for a Y:The Last Man TV show or movie, I don’t know what will. Like these folks on Facebook. They definitely deserve it. “Y:The Last Man” Starring James Kuck, Krystel […]

REVIEW: The Massive #1

Written by BRIAN WOOD Art by KRISTIAN DONALDSON Colors by DAVE STEWART Letters by JARED K. FLETCHER The Massive #1 opens in the not-so-distant future after a global phenomenon of epic proportions. From rising water levels to tsunamis, humankind’s way of life has changed drastically, and this first issue picks up somewhere in the scattered […]