Comic Review: REBELS #1

Rebels #1 is a master class in how to establish character, setting and tone within the space of a single issue, while also breathing new life into one of the medium’s most neglected genres – the war comic. Set immediately prior to the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, the creative team of Brian Wood, Andrea […]

COMIC REVIEW: Conan the Barbarian #25

CONAN THE BARBARIAN #25/ Written by BRIAN WOOD/ Art by LEANDRO FERNANDEZ/ Colors by DAVE STEWART/ Letters by RICHARD STARKINGS & COMICRAFT/ Published by DARK HORSE COMICS The crew of The Tigress and the pirate queen Belit are dead. Only Conan survived their disastrous raid on a lost city full of treasure. But while the […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 12.18.13 Edition

Welcome back to the round-up! It’s our second biggest yet with six of this week’s books reviewed. Below you’ll find a wide range of books from Conan the Barbarian to X-O Manowar to Avengers Assemble and more! What are waiting for? Dive in! THE MIDAS FLESH #1/ Written by RYAN NORTH/ Art by SHEILI PAROLINE […]

The Comics Review Round-Up, 8.21.13 Edition

Welcome again to Kabooooom’s weekly comics review round-up! In this edition, Marcus and Ann take a hard look at two of Marvel’s offerings, Thunderbolts #14 and X-Men #4. While Matthew, delves into a children’s title comic book readers of all ages will enjoy with Gestalt Comics’, The Deep: Here Be Dragons #2. THUNDERBOLTS #14/ Story […]

The Comics Review Round-Up, 7.31.13 Edition

Welcome back to Kabooooom’s weekly comics review round-up! This week it’s simply MARVELous! (You see what I did there? Yeah, I’m definitely not sorry about either.) After last month’s Fearless Defenders left fans reeling, Marcus covers the aftermath of their clash with the Doom Maidens, and catches up with the Guardians in this post-Age of […]

The Round-Up, 8.1.12 Edition

The Round-Up, 8.1.12 Edition

Welcome to The Round-Up! This week, we get into the “Rotworld” crossover building in Swamp Thing and Animal Man, Becky Cloonan’s return to Conan and the latest issue of Sam Humphries’ Higher Earth! ***** CONAN THE BARBARIAN #7 / Written by BRIAN WOOD / Art by BECKY CLOONAN / Published by DARK HORSE COMICS Review by […]

The Round-Up (7/11/12)

The Round-Up, 7.11.12 Edition

Welcome to The Round-Up, Kabooooom’s all-new comic book review column! This week, our writers tackle a few indie books and THE BEST-SELLING COMIC OF THE 21st CENTURY, The Walking Dead #100. We kick things off with Forrest Helvie’s take on Conan the Barbarian #6. Enjoy! ***** CONAN THE BARBARIAN #6 / Written by BRIAN WOOD / Art by […]

REVIEW: Conan the Barbarian #5

Written by BRIAN WOOD Art by JAMES HARREN Colors by DAVE STEWART Letters by RICHARD STARKINGS & COMICRAFT The second part of “The Argos Deception” provides exactly the right mix of melancholy and might that fans of Conan look for. Conan stands at the foot of the gallows facing uncertain doom while the captain and […]