Bee and PuppyCat #1, BOOM! Studios

COMIC REVIEW: Bee and PuppyCat #1

After Bee and PuppyCat’s immediate runaway success, a comic series was inevitable – something the book’s promo even commented upon. Now over-excitable everygirl Bee and the pudgy grumpus PuppyCat return for a whole new series of magical temp work, and if you liked the original cartoon (and are as excited for the upcoming series!) as […]

REVIEW: Adventure Time With Fionna & Cake #6

Written by NATASHA ALLEGRI/ Art by NATASHA ALLEGRI, PATRICK SEERY, and BETTY LIANG/ Letters by BRITT WILSON/ Published by BOOM! STUDIOS Gender-swapping a popular cartoon character for a one-off special was a risky move, but it’s paid off tremendously well for the Cartoon Network series, Adventure Time. The imaginative Land of Ooo was already crawling […]