NYCC 2012 Gaming Panel Guide

NYCC 2012 Gaming Panel Guide

NYCC is less than a day away and, if you’re like me, you’ll want to have a plan set up to get yourself into all the panels you’re interested in. Take a look below at some of the video game panels that have piqued our interest here at Kabooooom! ———- THURSDAY OCT. 11th Games and […]

Last Four Street Fighter X Tekken Characters Announced

New Street Fighter X Tekken Announcements

Capcom has announced the final four characters for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken bringing the total to 38. The new additions from the Street Fighter universe are: M.Bison and Akuma and from the Tekken side: Jin and Ogre. Capcom also announced the release date for the PC version as May 11th 2012. The 360 […]

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for Vita released

New Shots of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for Vita

With the early release of the Vita and the full launch date coming this Wednesday, Feb. 22nd, Capcom has released new screenshots from the portable version of UMVC3. Whomever took these seems quite fond of Phoenix Wright, no Objection! here. The PS Vita version features online and local multiplayer, touch screen functionality, NEAR support and everything […]

RE: Revelations Price Drop

RE: Revelations Price Drop

When Resident Evil: Revelations was announced it was originally priced at $49.99, but Capcom has now issued a statement saying that they will be dropping the price to $39.99. Take a look below for the official statement from Capcom on the subject: Late last year we announced the console-sized adventure that is Resident Evil Revelations would arrive on a 4GB […]

NEWS: Resident Evil 6 Announced

Resident Evil 6 Announced

Capcom has officially announced the development of Resident Evil 6 for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. The game has a tentative release date of Nov. 20th, 2012 and will follow Leon S. Kennedy and Chris Redfield as they combat zombie outbreaks across the globe. Here’s a quick synopsis of the plot for the game: “It […]

NEWS: New Asura's Wrath Story, Gameplay Videos

NEWS: New Asura’s Wrath Story, Gameplay Videos

Earlier this morning on Capcom Unity, Gregman’s blog to be specific, new videos for Asura’s Wrath were released. Asura’s Wrath is looking to be quite the contender when it’s released early next year with it’s fast paced gameplay, much like the Devil May Cry and God of War series. The following videos show off the […]