An Interview with Joey Esposito, Writer of ‘Captain Ultimate’ and ‘Footprints’

Earlier this month, Marcus hyped Joey Esposito’s and Jonathan Moore’s Kickstarter campaign for their new comic, Footprints: Bad Luck Charm in Get Psyched On It! Now, Marcus chats one-on-one with Joey about the new full-color one-shot, his background in comics, and what inspires him to be involved with the comic industry. Take it away, Marcus! […]

The Comic Review Round-Up, 9.18.13 Edition

Welcome to another installment of Kabooooom’s comic review round-up! It’s a super mixed bag today with reviews of the kid friendly Captain Ultimate #2, the spy thriller Zero #1 from Image, and X-Men: Legacy #17. Which is worth a read and which isn’t? Read on to find out! CAPTAIN ULTIMATE #2/ Written by JOEY ESPOSITO […]

Captain Ultimate’s Creative Team Talks Shop

Last week, Monkeybrain Comics launched a new .99 cents all ages comic book titled Captain Ultimate.  Its first issue was a crazy, hilarious, heartfelt ride that received “Read” in our review. This week, writers Joey Esposito, Benjamin Bailey and artist Boykoesh took  a few moments to talk about their inspiration and plans for the series. Give us a […]

REVIEW: Captain Ultimate #1

Written by JOEY ESPOSITO & BENJAMIN BAILEY/ Art by BOYKOESH/ Colors by ED RYZOWSKI/Letters by ADAM PRUETT/ Published by MONKEYBRAIN COMICS Captain Ultimate is more than a story about a superhero – it’s a story about us. Writers Joey Esposito and Benjamin Bailey ingeniously camouflage a critique of modern superhero comic books under a sweet […]