Comic Review: SECRET SIX #1

Thomas Blake. AKA Catman. A savage drifter who doesn’t like being cooped up or tied down. Even if you ask him nicely. Lori Zechlin. AKA Black Alice. A riot goth grrrl with a dark attitude and darker magics at her command. Damon Wells. AKA Big Shot. A small-time private investigator who can live large when […]

Comic Review: SUPERMAN DOOMED #1

The last few Superman crossover events have been arguably disappointing. Now comes the beginning of Superman: Doomed, and with it the hope that this crossover will be better developed than both He’l on Earth or Krypton Returns. That’s not too much to hope for though since Pak and Soule are helping Lobdell with the development […]

COMIC REVIEW: Superman/Wonder Woman #1

SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #1/ Written by CHARLES SOULE/ Art by TONY DANIEL & BATT/ Lettering by CARLOS M. MANGUAL/ Published by DC COMICS The first issue of Superman/Wonder Woman is exactly what you would expect from a superhero couple title. Diana and Clark are struggling to balance their romantic life and superhero life, while keeping both […]