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DAREDEVIL#4 [Review]

Daredevil is a dark character – or at least he is when he’s being taken care of by the creative team that are currently telling his tales. Charles Soule and company have returned Daredevil to the dark and dirty drama of Hell’s Kitchen, and cannot stress enough how much I’m enjoying it. I also love, […]

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Black Bolt is not an example of the best father, giving his son, Ahura over to the time-travelling, madman Kang “The Conqueror.” He’s only recently confessed this sin of his to Medusa, who after their separation became the sole-sovereign of the Inhumans. With the help of Beast and a handful of Inhumans, they team up […]

CIVIL WAR #1 [Review]

In July 2006, Marvel launched a crossover campaign that consumed many readers lives and forced fans to choose a side from two opposing forces. Two powerhouse leaders and idols of the 616 universe, the two most American comic book characters ever created. “Whose side are you on?” was plastered everywhere Marvel fans could be found, […]


The end is here, and Marvel is going all out to send one of their greatest superheroes off in style. Between the chromo cover, the bonus sketchbook by McNiven at the end, and the story itself, The Death of Wolverine #1 delivers enough intrigue and great moments that it is worth the $4.99 cover price. Wolverine’s descent into […]

Comic Review: SUPERMAN DOOMED #1

The last few Superman crossover events have been arguably disappointing. Now comes the beginning of Superman: Doomed, and with it the hope that this crossover will be better developed than both He’l on Earth or Krypton Returns. That’s not too much to hope for though since Pak and Soule are helping Lobdell with the development […]


SHE-HULK #2/ Written by CHARLES SOULE/ Art by JAVIER PULIDO/ Colors by MUNTSA VICENTE/ Letters by VC’s CLAYTON COWLES/ Published by MARVEL COMICS Guys, something weird happened between issues one and two of She-Hulk. Not much has changed in aesthetics, tone, or writing grade, but everything that didn’t work last issue works wonderfully here! In […]


SHE-HULK #1/ Written by CHARLES SOULE/ Art by JAVIER PULIDO/ Colors by MUNTSA VICENTE/ Letters by VC’S CLAYTON COWLES/ Published by MARVEL COMCIS She-Hulk is Marvel’s latest entry into its series of All-New Marvel NOW! female-led titles. While She-Hulk is a popular character, both as a teammate and a solo personality, She-Hulk #1 is not […]