The world changed after the event that became known as The Battle of New York. In an instant, the world was made aware of the truth – that aliens existed and that a group of heroes, The Avengers, had assembled to save humanity from certain destruction. What was kept secret, however, was that The Avengers […]

TV REVIEW: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – Pilot

Making the move to tie in a television series to the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn’t exactly natural progression and the announcement of ABC’s new series Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was a pleasant surprise to many Marvel movie fans.  Given the huge success of the movies that inspired the series, this show was all but guaranteed […]

REVIEW: Marvel's The Avengers

REVIEW: Marvel’s The Avengers

Directed by JOSS WHEDON Written by JOSS WHEDON & ZAK PENN Starring ROBERT DOWNEY JR, CHRIS EVANS, CHRIS HEMSWORTH, MARK RUFFALO, SAMUEL L JACKSON, SCARLETT JOHANSSON, JEREMY RENNER, TOM HIDDLESTON, CLARK GREGG, COBIE SMULDERS Never before have expectations been so high. Since the post-credits sting in 2008’s Iron Man, when Samuel L Jackson as Nick […]

NEWS: 'Avengers' (Trailer) Assemble!

NEWS: ‘Avengers’ (Trailer) Assemble!

Finally. Wondering if those lasers are Skrulls? Maybe some sort of misdirection from the God of Mischief? Will Scarlett Johansson speak? Will Mark Hulk-falo be a good Bruce Banner or just another Eric Bana? We’ll find out in May.