TV REVIEW: How I Met Your Mother – The Locket

Monday night signaled the beginning of the final season of How I Met Your Mother on CBS, and it began with a bang. Once again, viewers found themselves at the mercy of Ted’s storytelling and he is still searching for his perfect woman, who viewers were briefly introduced to last season. Last season’s reveal was […]

REVIEW: Marvel's The Avengers

REVIEW: Marvel’s The Avengers

Directed by JOSS WHEDON Written by JOSS WHEDON & ZAK PENN Starring ROBERT DOWNEY JR, CHRIS EVANS, CHRIS HEMSWORTH, MARK RUFFALO, SAMUEL L JACKSON, SCARLETT JOHANSSON, JEREMY RENNER, TOM HIDDLESTON, CLARK GREGG, COBIE SMULDERS Never before have expectations been so high. Since the post-credits sting in 2008’s Iron Man, when Samuel L Jackson as Nick […]