John Constantine is free of the the ghosts that haunt him. Well, the literal ghosts, anyway. John’s heart is still weighed down by the memories of all the friends and lovers who got killed by their association with him. Particularly Veronica – the first love John dragged with him into the world of magic who […]

arrow season 4 haunted review

ARROW Season 4 Episodes 5 & 6 [Review]

With each episode Arrow improves, proving that it is a compelling superhero show and not just a teen drama masquerading as a superhero show. The last two episodes – “Haunted” and “Lost Souls” – have done much to push the overall story line forward this season. The themes of these last two episodes have been […]


The week of June 10th, 2015 was a rough one for Constantine fans.  The executive producers of the show announced that – despite an amazing showing of support by a devout fanbase – no network had elected to pick up the series in the wake of NBC’s cancellation. Photos were posted of the mill-house set being […]

TV Review: CONSTANTINE S1 Mid-Season Finale

[Warning! – SPOILERS for CONSTANTINE and the comic HELLBLAZER – Proceed with caution.]  While the new TV season of Fall 2014 brought forth a number of series based on comic books, no series stayed truer to the original vision of its source material than NBC’s Constantine. A bold statement? Yes, but also a truthful one. […]