INJUSTICE 2 #8 (Digital Edition) [Review]

[SPOILER WARNING: The following review contains SPOILERS for both the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game and the tie-in comics.] Bruce Wayne has lost much in his war on crime and, more recently, his war with Superman and the Regime that sought to take over the world and force peace upon it. He’s lost his […]

REVIEW: Batman Incorporated #1

Written by GRANT MORRISON Art by CHRIS BURNHAM Colors by NATHAN FAIRBAIRN Letters by PATRICK BROSSEAU Batman Incorporated #1 represents another starting point for a series that began in one continuity and will finish in another. The plot has become very focused, discarding the complicated layers of complexity of the previous issues in favor of […]

REVIEW: Batman #5

REVIEW: Batman #5

Written by SCOTT SNYDER Art by GREG CAPULLO & JONATHAN GLAPION Colors by FCO / Letters by RICHARD STARKINGS Stan Lee was fond of saying that every comic is someone’s first and thus it should read like that. It should introduce characters and establish main ideas and themes that will quickly familiarize readers on issue two […]