Gotham City. Elsewhere and Elsewhen. Trapped under a dome for just over a year, tensions are running high. Thankfully, the city’s villains are increasingly powerless and more and more of them are giving in to the despair of their bleak situation. Unfortunately so are many of their heroes. Heroes like Barbara Gordon. The loss of […]

COMIC REVIEW: Star Wars: Rebel Heist #1

The word heist is a simple synonym for a robbery.  Yet the word heist bears connotations of a specific type of caper – one involving an inordinate degree of planning and no small amount of daring-do while working against a cunning foe.  The idea of a heist story set in the Star Wars universe is […]

Kaboooooom Quickies: Dan Parsons at Phoenix Comicon

Kaboooooom Quickies: Dan Parsons at Phoenix Comicon

Dan Parsons is well known to fans of Dark Horse’s Star Wars comics, having worked on various titles in that universe over the past decade. During his career, he has played pretty much every role when it comes to creating comics but it is his talent as an inker that fans get to experience most […]